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CMM Training

From beginner to expert we offer training classes in CMM programming and CMM maintenance, as well as software usage. Training will be provided in your facility using your equipment, your parts and your blueprints.

CMM Operator training

This covers all aspects of part inspection including: probe calibrations, reference frame setups, feature measurement and geometric relationships.

CMM Programmer training

CMM Programmer training takes the operator course further still and covers advanced techniques to make automated part measurement more efficient and accurate.

CMM Maintenance training

CMM maintenance training covers the basic information as to how your CMM functions. This is necessary so that a proper care can be applied to the upkeep of your CMM thus minimizing downtime.

CMM Software training

We can assist your personnel in using many different CMM software packages including, but not limited to:

  • CMM Manager
  • Virtual DMIS

CMM Services

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